Tallest Tree

Summary: The world’s first environmentally friendly mobile game
Roles: Creator, Producer & Developer
Stats: 500.000+ downloads, 30.000+ trees planted
Partners: Greenpeace, Tree Nation, Playcore
Released: 2020
Tallest Tree is a mobile game for Android and iOS. It began as a solo project under the simple premise of “meaningful entertainment with real world impact”. In it players will beat levels to collect acorns, and once the have collected enough they are allowed to plant a real life tree. Tallest Tree was the first mobile game using this model, and after its original release larger companies such as Ubisoft have announced similar initiatives. The donation is paid for through advertising and in app purchases, and carried out in collaboration with Tree Nation who partner with NGO’s such as Eden Projects.

To date the game has had more than 500.000 players who helped plant in excess of 30.000 trees. To promote the game, a global publishing deal was entered with mobile games publisher Playcore. With their help and expertise, the game and its marketing was optimised to reach the KPI’s required to reach a broader audience. Together we entered partnerships with various influencers and NGO’s like Greenpeace who all contributed to the games success.


While I produced and developed the game, I could not have done it alone. Multiple professionals from around the world came together to join forces, and a multitude of passionate volunteers offered to test and create content for the game. Without their help, it would not have been possible to bring the project to life in the way we did. I am proud to have worked with all of them. 


You can read more on the Emberfly Studios website, or in the article Building Sustainability Into The Heart Of A Mobile Game by Play Create Green. Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more.

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